Pulsating Energy Resonance Therapy - PERTH according to Prof. Dr. Dr. Werner

The universe was full of electromagnetic fields with different wavelengths long before life existed on our earth. We are all acquainted with the sun's warmth. Without its light - a short-wave electromagnetic field - life would be unable to exist on our planet.

  Prof. Dr. Dr.
Reinhard Werner

Executive member of the Institut für Energie-Medizinische Systeme e. V. (institute for energy-based medicinal systems)
EMS Berlin

In addition to sunlight, pulsating electromagnetic fields with an extremely long wavelength play an important role in our body. These fields have an effect on our organism when we move through the earth's magnetic field, and cause our cells to oscillate. Furthermore, a human body also generates such long-wave magnetic fields itself, e.g. when our heart beats. The oscillation energy of such fields results in regeneration, circulation and defense against infections in our cells.

Unfortunately this protective energy in a human body becomes continuously weaker in the course of life, making our body more susceptible to sicknesses and afflictions. We often accept this as fate, and feel helpless. However, it is extremely easy to counteract this physical decay!

Just like sunlight and the earth's magnetic field, artificially generated pulsating magnetic fields also provide our organism with oscillation energy. Space travel medicine has used these fields for decades already to keep astronauts healthy in the universe far away from the effects of gravity. The PERTH according to Prof. Dr. Dr. Werner is a very gentle method for returning these missing oscillations in a biological and body-equivalent field strength.

All cells of our body profit from this. When using PERTH regularly, you will be able to repeatedly refill your energy store up to 100%. A high cell energy is a prerequisite for a high body resistance to sicknesses, and the basis for health and vitality up to an advanced age.

Why don't you also use the beneficial effects of PERTH! I have already been doing so since 1994.