Our special products for successful energy resonance therapy

Every EMG system for PERTH consists of a control unit for selection of the program and various applicators which emit the pulsating magnetic field. The control unit is preset to 10 minutes, but a shorter or longer treatment period can also be selected (1 - 60 min.).

Two models of the control units are available: EMG 1 and EMG Profi. Both units induce soft magnetic fields an deliver a bundled frequency spectrum between 0.05 and 20,000 Hz (EMG 1) or 38,000 Hz (EMG Profi). Signals are generated whose frequency and amplitude are exactly equivalent to body signals.

The proven EMG 1 provides a program with a wide frequency bundle for universal application. The EMG Profi has three programs with a total of 257 frequencies including the cancer therapy frequency according to Dr. Ludwig. Both units switch themselves completely off five minutes after the end of the therapy. A rechargeable battery is optionally available for mobile use, as well as an EMG L&T with light and tone stimulation.

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EMG Profi control unit and EMG control unit

The applicators have been designed in different shapes for many different fields of application. Two sizes of mat applicators are available for full body treatment, cushion, intensive and point applicators for local treatment, as well as a head applicator for therapy of ear noises, retina problems etc.

The electronic smog and magnetic field indicator helps with the localization of harmful fields. A carrying case is available for storage and safe transport of our special products.

Energy - the source of life, and a measure of health
The book on the therapy: tips and advice for successful use of PERTH. Available only in German.