Health advisory service, individual and free of charge
The specialist for EMG (Energy medicine & health) Mr. Jörg Kunde, Prof. Dr. Dr. Reinhard Werner and other experienced doctors are kindly to your disposal with all their knowledge. Please use our contact form or the medical hot line +49 (0) 30 982 38 24.

Order the free Catalogue of appliances

In this Catalogue you will find all EMG-systems for home treatment. Simply fill in your address here and we will send you a copy of our Catalogue free of charge.

The institute of Energy-Medical Systems (Energie-Medizinische Systeme e. V.; EMS) is a registered non profit-making organisation, founded by medical practitioners and persons of other scientific branches active in the field of energy-medicine. For a small contribution towards expenses publications of the institute about different symptoms and the possibility for their treatment with PERTH can be ordered. Click here to find the selection of topics.