Indications for PERTH are:

degenerative bone and joint diseases (hip joint arthrosis, Sudeck-
Leriche syndrome, spondylo - arthritis Bechterew, joint pain)
arterial vascular disorders (smoker´s leg, gangrene)
venous vascular disorders (thrombo - phlebitis)
general strengthening of the immune system
injury of sports, bone and wound healing
stabilization of the blood circulation
inflammation of paranasal sinus
general tissue regeneration
pulmonary emphysema
radiation sickness
viral infections
tinnitus aurium (ear noises), oedema maculae luteae, cancer
disturbed sleep
digestive trouble
adult - onset diabetes
hypertension, hypotension
urinary incontinence, enuresis
Parkinson´s disease, multiple sclerosis
rheumatic diseases and their chronic pains
climacteric complaints, disturbance of potency
metabolic anomalies (normalization of fatty acids and pH)
inflammation of the auditory tube, effusion of the tympanic cavity

According to the experiences of doctors at EMS Berlin