PERTH supports blood circulation

During and after treatment with PERTH, the heart pumps more powerfully and supplies cells with blood which is richer in oxygen. Palpitations improve. Circulation is improved in all blood vessels, and the flow of blood is accelerated, reducing the danger of blood corpuscle accumulation and associated thrombosis.

The improved circulation in the skin can be made visible using infrared photography: the skin becomes warmer when the circulation improves, and appears lighter in the infrared photo. The pictures shown below clearly document the improvement in circulation resulting from PERTH.

Prior to PERTH After 5 minutes PERTH After 10 minutes PERTH

PERTH is also effective with animals, as shown by the infrared photos of a horse prior to treatment with PERTH and then following a ten-minute treatment:

Prior to PERTH and after 10 min. PERTH with the EMG an the saddle applicator

The improvement in circulation resulting from PERTH is clearly visible down to the hoof.