EMG/PERTH International Medical Technology - Visit in Qatar

Company Introduction for EMG/PERTH International – Medical Technology – with its registered office in Berlin-Germany

We are visiting Qatar on 25.11.08 – 29.11.08 and would therefore like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce our company,

Medical Technology - Visit in Qatar

EMG/PERTH International was founded in 1994. The founders of this company were originally my father, Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Werner and I. Since 1999, I have been the sole owner of this company, as my father has dedicated himself to research in energy medicine. Since then, we have been working hand-in-hand in medical technology manufacturing and research. My father contracted cirrhosis of the liver himself and, according to school medicine, was expected to pass away approx. 10 years after the diagnosis. Subsequent to this, he invented the EMG magnetic field therapy system with essential frequencies, which saved his life, as my father's cirrhosis of the liver is currently no longer detectable and has come to a standstill. We have experienced many successes, e.g. also with cancer patients and seriously ill persons. These systems are being used successfully in human and veterinary medicine, as well as for performance enhancement in competitive sports. We continue to drive the research and further development of these systems forward to this day, so that we can prove that we have the best system worldwide, which can even be used successfully against cancer and other diseases, and this system is even compatible with pacemakers!

In 1998, through us, the EMS German Energy Medical Doctor Organisation was established, with branches in various countries. Its Chairman is Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Werner, and I am also a Board Member. This association has many members worldwide and is very successful in the medical technology sector. The association has tasked itself with making energy medicine more well-known and advancing the research. We are a very motivated team, which is specialised in the sales and manufacturing of European medical technology. We are also called abroad very often, where our systems are intended to be used. We are also specialised in diagnostics and biofeedback.

Our vision

It is our aim to fulfil the requirements of our customers and provide them with qualified advice and customer care. For this, our employees offer professional and competent support. Our focus is on our customer, as a person and business partner. Quality, flexibility and excellent service are our prime goals. In Europe, our therapy units are already a fixed component of many hospitals and practices, even foreigners travel to Europe specifically for our therapy systems, now we also intend to equip more hospitals and practices abroad with our systems.


We are specialised in only supplying the best medical technology from Europe and successfully equip entire hospitals and practices throughout the world. If we occasionally do not produce specific medical technology, we only purchase the best medical technology for our customers at fair prices, as everything that we do not manufacture ourselves is subjected to precise inspection by our organisation. Testing takes place for functionality and reliability and all of this, of course, made in Germany. With us, the customer still really is king! We therefore offer a complete range of medical technology, which corresponds to our strategy, in order to ensure the complete equipping of hospitals and practices in the interest of our customers.


Our certified ISO quality management guarantees that our processes correspond to the required standards and are regularly reviewed, of course, this also applies to the third party products that we purchase on your behalf, as we have developed very strict quality management. You always receive the quality that you expect, only the best!

Suppliers and business relationships

The domestic and foreign business relationships with our customers, suppliers and business partners are on a fair, honest and partnership basis. We have several branches abroad, such as in South Africa, Europe, Switzerland, Argentina and Australia. We deliver fairly and reliably worldwide.


Our employees are motivated and give their best on a daily basis. Constant advanced training is required. We also receive new additions to our physicians' association on a daily basis, as it is well-known worldwide.


We are committed to achieving our business goals subject to the dictates of environmental protection and handling natural resources with care. The health and safety of all parties involved in the business process is important to us.


We ensure that our statements are always correct. We take a firm stand and stand by our word!

Your contact

EMG/PERTH International
Owner: Jörg Kunde (Member of the Board of the German Energy Medical Doctor Organization EMS e.V.)

Straße 6, Nummer 99
D-13059 Berlin (Germany)

Tel.: +49 030 - 9823824 / Fax: +49 030 - 98694556
Internet: http://www.EMG-Berlin.de
E-Mail: info@perth-berlin.de

Owner: Jörg Kunde Owner: Jörg Kunde
(Member of the Board of the German Energy Medical Doctor Organization EMS e.V.)
Prof. Reinhard Werner Prof. Reinhard Werner, M.D., Ph.D. is a Medical Doctor