PERTH is based on agent Chinese medicine

Chi, better known to us as bioenergy or vitality, is present in all living matter. There are twelve main meridians in which this energy flows vertically in our body. These are named according to organs or functions. Six of them are assigned to the earth, in which the female Yin energy flows upwards. The energy of heaven, the male Yang energy, flows downwards in the other six meridians. This results in a cycle.

If this energy can flow unhindered in the meridians, a person is living in harmony, and is healthy. If this energy is slowed down or comes to a standstill, there is disharmony, resulting in sickness. Such a deficit often means that an organ cannot function fully, that one permanently feels tired, or - as an example - strength is missing in your back, resulting in backache.

PERTH results in compensation of the energy between the meridians. New energy is generated at the same time: pain disappears, and the organism is strengthened. The electronic control units apply exactly those oscillations to the body which the cells require to build up the energy.

Compensation of energy in the twelve main meridians following four weeks of PERTH
After only four weeks of treatment, the energy deficit of a patient could be drastically reduced from 28% to just 11%!